Why hosting email at home isn't good idea

Now days it's pretty simple task to launch mail server at home. Tools like docker and virtualization can help us to run MTA in a few minutes. But you shouldn't. SMTP wasn't designed in secure manner and SPAM is q global problem for that old standard. [Read more...]

10 Abandoned Cart Hacks, Emails and Tricks that Will Rise Sales

Have some issues with cart abandonment on your website? Keep calm, everyone faced it. The statistics says, 80% of people abandon their shopping carts. [Read more...]

Simple Email Marketing Campaign Guide for Small Business

Email marketing is the cheapest and potentially profitable way to communicate with your audience. For example, Monitor company has calculated the expenditure/income for email marketing as 1:38. It is likely you do not mind getting such a ROI for your small business email marketing campaign. Thus, we decided to make this simple guide. [Read more...]

All You Need to Know About Sender’s Reputation

Sender’s reputation directly affects whether your letters reach the user’s inbox or not. The higher is your sender reputation the less are the chances your letter goes to spam and the ESP enforces sanctions on your IP or mailbox. [Read more...]

Email Marketing Trends 2019 for Small Business

Email marketing trends in 2019 have changed dramatically. However, some things remain unchanged. It is still important to provide high-quality content as users deal with a huge amount of content on a daily basis. [Read more...]

How to Personalize Your Newsletter and Increase Sales?

Successful email marketing strategy development considers you know about your clients much more than just their email address. You also need to be aware of their tastes and expectations. That is the only way to make them loyal to your brand. In this article we are going to disclose useful tips that can help you personalize newsletter and make it engaging for your clients. [Read more...]

Email Marketing for Small Business Tips

Launching newsletter for small business is a good way to get in touch with potential clients and increase sales. It is also a proper tool to increase loyalty to brand. Regular communication with clients is the only way for the small business to personalize offers and win in a daily struggle with large companies. [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Enforce Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing is an efficient tool to engage your target audience. IT is important to make pesonalized letters because people like more being addressed personally. [Read more...]

Email Marketing Campaign Metrics for Small Business

Email marketing metrics are used to analyze efficiency of the marketing campaign.There can be different tasks and goals for an email marketing campaign launched by a small business - the number of registrations, purchases, opening rate etc. [Read more...]

10 Tips for Email Marketing Approach

Email marketing is undoubtedly the most efficient tool when it comes to ROI. According to the recent researches return on investments when promoting goods and services with email marketing makes 41:1. This is twice as more than for any other online marketing method. [Read more...]

X Tips on Customization of Selling Cart

Cart in the online store is an interface which user can use to add products he is ought to purchase. A simple example: when you shop around the mall you have a cart with you to put there products you are going to buy. [Read more...]

CSV file: theoretical aspects and practical usage

A CSV file is an acronym for Comma Separated Values File that presents a file with values separated (delimited) by commas. A CVS file is a text format file designed to depict spreadsheet data. [Read more...]

Mailcheck scholarship

We are pleased to announce that Mailcheck Academic Scholarship 2019 is now open to receive new applications. [Read more...]

The Right Approach to Email Address Validation

Email address validation has been the matter of concern for webmasters, email marketers and online services for years. There are many companies offering email validation services developing various tools and approaches to provide advanced solutions for this problem. Since this problem and the ways to solve it exist for years we finally can make a right approach to email address verification once and for all. [Read more...]

X Ways to Increase Emails Deliverability

When you launch a new email marketing campaign it doesn’t matter whether you have managed to make a good strategy, write an extra-selling content or provide a super valuable service if at the end your email won’t reach the potential client. [Read more...]

Explaining Email Bounce Rate and Ways to Reduce It

Bounce rate shows the percentage of letters that have not been delivered. There can be numerous reasons for bouncing - starting from entering wrong recipient in the "To" field and ending by the blockade from the recipient's server. Let’s disclose possible types of bounces. [Read more...]

What Do You Need to Know About Catch-All Email Servers?

In this article we are going to explain catch-all email servers, why do they exist, why it is a problem for you and how you can find them in your mailing list and build a proper email strategy. [Read more...]

The Complete Guide to Email Verification Services

Email verification service is provided to ensure your letters reach inboxes of real customers. It helps you to increase the outcome from your email marketing campaigns as you get updated data on the actuality of your mailing list. Below you can find out all you need to know about email address verification. [Read more...]

Google+ is shutting down. So what?

Google announced shutting down social media platform Google+. It is hard to find some technical article that hasn’t mentioned the end of Google’s social network era. But, a high level of consistency in connectivity within services of the company had received scant attention.. [Read more...]

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